REALTORS TALK TAXES, Members of FAR “Rallied in Tally”

Members of FAR “Rallied in Tally” yesterday and told lawmakers that they want something done about property taxes. FAR members visited their districts’ senators and representatives, reminding most of them that they rode to victory based on a promise to lower the skyrocketing costs for property insurance and property taxes. “We’re looking for you to perform,” said FAR President Nancy Riley. “Roll back that millage and let’s tighten the belt a little bit.” House Speaker Marco Rubio (R-West Miami) joined Riley, telling the audience that property tax problems are the primary issue facing lawmakers this year. “People will leave (the state); they’ve started to do so because Florida is starting to look like the states they came here to get away from,” said Rubio. If we don’t change that, we will pay a big price for it.” Copyright © 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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