How to Handle Multi-State Living Arrangements With Pets in Each City

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How to Handle Multi-State Living Arrangements With Pets In Each City

If you’re a snowbird who enjoys spending the winter months in warmer climates, or if you own houses in several states, taking your pets along may necessitate a bit of preparation and organization. And if you want to save some money on the essentials, you also need to do some research and look for the best deals. So here are five tips that will help you make the most of your multi-state living arrangements:

If you have homes in different states, make sure you’re prepared for an eventual emergency by finding a good veterinarian in each city you’ll be living in at different times of the year. Having their vaccination records and all relevant information (diet and feeding recommendations, eventual food or seasonal allergies, medications taken, list of surgeries performed with dates, microchip number, pet insurance policy number, etc.) in all the places you live can save you a lot of valuable time should your pet fall ill or have an accident.

Save Money on Insurance

When you live in two different states, compare rates for home, health, car, and even pet insurance to see which one is most advantageous for you. Register your car and apply for a driver’s license from the state offering cheaper options for you and your family. When looking for home insurance for your properties, make sure you choose a company that is licensed to sell home insurance in both states so that they can sell you policies for both of your homes. This way, you’ll be eligible for discounts and enjoy lower premiums.

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